Beware – Dog Play Can Turn Ugly Fast When Children Are Involved

Dog play often involves children. If you’ve ever seen that interaction, you will recognize what you are about to read. If you haven’t, then take note. This information can protect your child and your dog.

When dogs play, they become obsessed, and children can get over-excited. This can be a deadly combination.

Most, if not all, children are oblivious to what dogs games can have on their pet. All they think about is having fun with the dog. This usually involves some sort of toy. Outdoors, it’s often a ball. curious incident of the dog in the nighttime play

When dogs become obsessed, all they can think of is getting that ball. Some will become possessive over that toy, while others will be happy to bring it back to you so that the games can go on.

Now, let’s take this outside – into the heat and humidity of a summer day.

Children will romp around in all kinds of weather. When they become hot, they don’t seem to notice and will continue running around. Dogs are the same, except that they do have a bit of foresight and will seek a cool place to rest when the heat becomes too much for them.

Because children are not consciously aware of the heat, they will continue trying to play with the dog even after it decides to take a break. They do not understand why the dog has stopped playing. And they do not understand the importance of the dog’s actions.

This is when things can turn ugly.

When a dog is overheated, it can become easily agitated. If it is not allowed to recover from the heat, it will not be very pleased to be forced from its resting place. If a child persists in doing so, he or she can get bitten.

There is another way this can turn ugly.

Dogs play in all kinds of weather, too, but they know when they need a break. An overheated dog, playing on a hot, humid summer day is at risk of a seizure from heat stroke. This is not unlike what happens to humans who allow themselves to become overheated by exercising on a hot day